I’ve been slowly working on my chapter one edits.  The progress has been a little slow going but I am making progress.  I hope to have the first four chapters edited by the end of the month.  This goal may not sound like a lot for the twenty seven days left in December, but with the holidays and my current day job work load, I believe it to be a reachable goal for me. 

I’m spending about an hour, sometimes an hour and a half writing between this blog and the edits.  After spending last month writing for at least an hour and this month continuing that level of writing, I’m noticing changes in not only my writing but also speaking.   The workplace can require a lot politically correct phrasing and explanation.   The past week, I’ve noticed the writing and spoken words are flowing more fluidly than they have in the past.  Writing time is my time to relax so it’s a welcome benefit that something I’m enjoying is actually benefitting other areas of my life.