Writing can be painful.

Writing can sometimes be painful.  I’m having a painful writing day but I’m referring to physical pain, not mental or emotional.  At 4:30 am, my finger decided to get in the way of a closing sliding glass door.  Through the haze of tears and cussing, I fearfully examined the tip of my finger to verify it was still attached.  As I am a tinsy, tiny bit of a klutz, I judge my injuries based on the color they turn.  Last summer, three months before my wedding, I tripped over a bump in the concrete and introduced my big toe to the bottom of my foot.  The pop came first, followed by the pain and then came the impressive colors of indigo blue, a nice rich maroon and a deep violet.  My finger was not turning any fun colors so I knew I would live but could I type?

Unfortunately, the finger that was smashed happens to be the finger that types the E, C and D keys.   The letter E is the most used letter in the alphabet.  Try typing more than three words in a row and not use the letter E.  I tried this morning and failed miserably.  Language is a powerful part of our lives and it took one silly little incident to make me realize how important one letter can be.