I’ve never been good at writing confrontation scenes, probably due to my aversion to them in life. At the core of a confrontation is a strong emotion which can be anger to love to jealousy. Generally the best confrontations have been building over time as the emotion builds. The plot of the story can come to an apex with the confrontation but what about starting the story with it?
Most stories I’ve read that start with confrontation generally keep you on edge of your seat. I’ve been debating how to start my new project. I have a general outline and have been thinking about the pivotal scenes in the story and one of them will be a confrontation.

In a miserable moment of clarity, I was a participant in confrontation today that came from a place of strong frustration on the point of anger. The lash out was carefully worded but still carried the whip crack of a slap. One player defended with calm statements that tried to logically bring the frustrated player around to a place of less emotion to where logic could prevail. Unfortunately, it took a good twenty minutes for it to play out, and no concrete resolution appeared but both sides aired their grievances. If only we could neatly resolve confrontations in real life like we can as story tellers.

So the thought for the day is as a writer do you bring your confrontation to a resolution to keep the reader satisfied or do you have it play closer to real life and have no concrete resolution?