The New Year

Looking past my post holiday blues, I’m actually excited for the new year.  2010 was a strange year for me as my professional life swallowed me up for most of the year but I did manage to do some writing including participating and winning Nanowrimo.  This year was a little harder to get to that 50,000 words because I broke the rules.  I was reading and editing the story as I went.  I did not outline nor flesh out the story, instead I just tried to wing it as I did the previous year.  During the process, I realized the difference between the two years.  I had been planning my first Nanowrimo story for a year.  I really wasn’t winging.  I had an outline in my head and I write better when I do. 

So I broke the rules, and kept editing and refining my novel as I wrote it.  I made it to the 50,000 in time, but just barely.  But I also learned a few things about myself in the process.  I learned that I need to start writing down my ideas and that I need to start approaching my writing with more structure.  So to that end, I’m going to set myself a few writing goals.

  1. I want to start blogging on a more consistent basis instead of four times a year.  I’m hoping for once a week to start and maybe more. 
  2. By the end of the year, I want to have completed at least the first two edits of my Nano novels. 
  3. Write and finish two short stories.

If I can complete these goals, I will be ecstatic.  I have a day job that takes over forty hours a week so time management will need to be my friend.  I also need to avoid a certain black hole that draws in all my free time.