Nanowrimo Week 4 update

Nanowrimo Stats as of Friday, Nov 25

Total Word Count: 45,245
Days wrote this week: 3
Average per day:  1667

IMG 1080

As predicted, I took a little writing vacation with the Thanksgiving holiday.  I call it a life win surviving hosting Thanksgiving in my little townhouse with eight adults sharing the space.  I had planned for it so I’m not in danger of losing.  I have a little under 5k words left to write in four days.  The writing itself was more of struggle this week.  I skipped ahead and wrote the ending, thanks to Scrivner for making that easy.  Fight scenes are tough to write and not sound stupid doing them but I’m muddling through.

Post Nanowrimo Plans

Since the writing was lighter this week, I thought I would talk about my post Nanowrimo plans.  I am hoping to spend most of December filing out the last of my word count goal for the novel which is a total of 80,000.  Part of that process will also include some editing.  My best hope would be to start January 2012 with a solid first draft of this novel.  It’s a little ambitious with the holiday season but we’ll see how I do with my self imposed deadline.

Vacation’s over.  Time to get back to writing.