The New Year 2012


Chocolate DonutsI’ve been on vacation this last week so I’ve had time to relax and play with one of my holiday gifts, donut pans.  My first attempt at donuts was double chocolate donuts with peanut butter chocolate frosting.   Yep, they were as good as they sound in my humble opinion.  My husband said they were too much chocolate for him which is great because more for me then.

While in my sugar induced coma,  I also had a chance to reflect on the past year and the year ahead.  I’m approaching a mile stone birthday in 2012 and reflecting on the past and where I want to go in the future.  On the personal front, my only wish for the future is to be able to someday sell my townhouse, escaping the association, and purchasing a stand alone house with a big yard.  Unfortunately, that looks to be several years away given our currently economic climate.  If I could back in time to the point when I bought my townhouse and slap myself, I would.

Professionally, I don’t have a lot of goals on the technology front because I gave up making them long ago.  Technology is never static, something new is ahead to laugh at your goals and completely destroy them.  I would not have imaged a year ago, designing an enterprise iDevice deployment would fall within my job duties but it was my major project this year.


My main goals for this year fall under the creative category.  I want to keep my writing moving forward.  Last year, I entered a flash fiction in a contest, submitted a piece to a charity anthology revived my blog and completed Nanowrimo.  I hope to improve during the new year.  Goals for this year involve finishing the Nanowrimo novel, continuing to grow my blog, and I would also like to purse some more short stories for submissions.


Have a safe and Happy New Year!