Nanowrimo 2012 and Writing Update

Total Word Count: 7994
Days wrote this week: 4

It’s that time of year again and yep I’m participating. My story idea has been simmering since the spring and I’m excited to get started. So far this year, I’ve been editing last year’s novel as well as writing a short story in the same world. I have an idea for a set of short stories that I’ll work on once I’ve finished the rough first draft of this year’s Nanowrimo. Considering I work a day job that can take 45-50 hours some weeks, I’m pleased with my progress. A book a year, with some short stories and editing is probably going to be my pace until circumstances change.

This year’s Nanowrimo novel will be a little something different for me. I’m going to attempt first person or at least that’s the plan. I may throw it out the window along with the detailed outline I have prepared. I’ve been reading up on story structures and pacing hoping to create a better framework. I’ve found that I tend to reveal everything at once instead of properly building suspense. Another weakness is in the details. I write how I read, I skip ahead to find what happens next without laying the proper ground work. The books I seem to read almost every word are those that strike the balance between details and leaving a lot to the imagination.

As far as post vacation work weeks go, this one was brutal, but I still managed to get my words in each night. Kinda wish I was still here. The perfect writing location don’t you think?