To a new beginning…

On November 1, I was reading a writing bog that mentioned the beginning of the  National Novel Writing Month.  I had heard about it last year but not until about mid November.  Reading up on the website, I thought it would be fun thing to do and maybe help me get back into writing.  I put it in my memory bank hoping to remember for next year and then I, of course, promptly forgot all about it.  This year, thanks to the blog, I was on time to be able to participate.  I signed up that day and began writing.  After a slow start the first week, I found my grove and began surpassing the goal amount a little more each day.  With Thanksgiving approaching, I challenged myself to create a nice padding so I could spend time with my family.  I began to write more than the 2,000 words required.   Surprising even myself, I managed to hit 50,000 words by November 25 and I won!

(From Nanowrimo Website)

Yeah!  I completed the Nano challenge but I still have a lot more work to do.  I am also challenging myself to edit my story.  I began the story with just a rough idea of where I wanted to go.  Many Nano participants came into the challenge prepared with outlines or character sketches.   I just wrote and to some extent let my characters take over the story.  Now it’s time to go back  and edit, expand in some areas and edit some more to make the story everything I want it to be in my mind.  Once I’ve completed that step, I would like to podcast my novel which will  push my shyness to its limits.   So I’ll be using this blog and twitter to chronicle my newbie journey as I try and edit and podcast my novel.