I bought the pictured ornament for my husband at a craft fair after Thanksgiving.  It’s been his phrase for a few weeks now in anticipation of the new Star Wars The Old Republic MMO launching this month.  SWTOR is my new writing nemesis as as early access opens up this week.

I’m a geek and I love my new toys as much as the next geek in line.  A shiny new MMO is too much to resist.  However, I will be trying to limit how far and for how long I am sucked into the vortex each day.  I’ve already broke the news to my husband that while I will still game a little, I also need time to write each day.  Somehow I want to find a balance between the two.  Online games are a great way for my husband and I to spend time together during the week when his work takes him out of town.  We can hop in game with a voice chat software and can game while we tell each other about our days.

If I disappear for a few months, send a speeder to rescue me.