Techie Tidbits

I spiced up the blog a little. Ignore those five or so minutes when my blog said “oops lost page”. Like all good techs I didn’t panic but started using choice words about software designers. The virtual equivalent of a good whack to the side of the machine and all better. It’s like a reboot only better.

One think you will not see me add is a Facebook page. I won’t go into a rant about Facebook, I promise. I’m just not a user and have never been. When other authors announce special events or book teasing using Facebook, I always wonder how many fans, like me, they are leaving out because we’ve made the conscience decision not to have a Facebook account.

I will be participating in Nanowrimo again this year. Last year’s was my most successful to date. I’m about three quarters of the way through editing it hoping to be done and ready to start on my new book Nov 1st. As a personal choice, I’m not a fan of the participant badges this years so I just linked to the word count widget. If you click the badge, it will load my Nanowrimo profile. Although I haven’t nailed down all the details yet, I will be updating the info on my new project.

Are you participating in Nanowrimo?