Right or Wrong

One of the life lessons we are taught as children is to do the right thing. It’s never easy and most likely, never going to make you popular. Mom always said “You will never get in trouble for doing the right thing”. Actually, she should have ended the phrase with “from me”. Yes, you can get in trouble for doing the right thing as I did just last week at the day job. While I won’t be officially reprimanded, there are other ways for my boss to get even with me and she has. In a few weeks, she will tell me that I chose correctly after she has calmed down. Obviously, this is a well honed pattern after my eight plus years of service. The sad part is that until then I will need to suffer the little jabs. Would I have acted differently knowing the outcome? The answer is no. I knew this would happen and still chose the responsible course.

Did my choice affect anything? Nope. Anybody hurt by it? Nope. Did it cost anything? Nope. You get the picture. People’s emotions are always involved, even if the phrase “It’s nothing personal” is used. Every character in a story has an emotional agenda. It may not be obvious but when I can’t find the emotional motivation for one of my characters, the story seems flat and unrealistic. In my real life drama, my emotions centered on fear of making a costly decision. My boss’s emotions were anger and jealousy of perception. It complicated and rather stupid. While I can analyze the situation from a character point of view, I am not above taking a few jabs of my own walking that subtle line between subornation and truth telling in my passive aggressive female way. A text or two may have been sent to my husband preparing him in case I get fired.