Fear is an interesting emotion.  It gives us a healthy dose of caution that can save us from ourselves or it can paralyze putting us in more danger.  I struggle with fears both in writing and my day job.  At my day job, I’m known as the Nervous Nelly of the group.   While this can help us avoid catastrophes, it can also hinder progress.  The past year, with my new responsibilities, I have struggled to find the balance between the two.  I have taken more risks, some pan out while others don’t but I’m learning from both.

Fear has prevented me from taking more steps with my writing.  I’m working to change that also.  One of my goals was to blog more and I’ve failed at that by failing prey to my fears.  I’m hoping to change that by not worrying about perfection in my blog.  It’s supposed to be my messy musings so the entries may not always make sense or somedays may just be a rant about my association but I’ll be writing them and that’s what counts.

I have been writing at least an hour everyday, a little more on the weekend.  I’m working on editing my first nanowrimo Tears of the Stars.  I’m rewriting most of it but its good practice.  For the first time, I have entered a writing contest run by a blogger.   The theme is chosen and the story needs to be a thousand words or less.  A prompt quote is given and must appear as the first line of the story.    I just pushed send on my entry tonight. I plan to post it here if I don’t win.

My other brave new step in writing is that I hope to be submitting a story for Vivid Muse’s charity book.   As soon as I read about her project, I knew I wanted to support it.  I have a story to tell for her book and have begun already putting ideas down.  Those are so pretty big steps for me.  I know I won’t always win, writing will be rejected but I have to keep trying and not allow the fear to paralyze me.