Structure Studies

ImageI’m attempting to fight off my post vacation depression, back to the day job on Monday, with some plotting. We were on vacation last week at my favorite cabin in the Tennessee mountains. I really didn’t want to come back even told my boss I wouldn’t before I left. Did you ever want to just walk out on leave all the crap sit at your job for a week? Yeah that happened. It’s waiting for me when I get back but it was fun while it lasted.

Until then, I’m busily ignoring my reality by plotting out my next novel I’m starting during Nanowrimo. I noticed that’s my pattern while updating my current projects page. I begin my new novels during Nanowrimo and spend the rest of the year editing and rewriting.  I’m okay with that because I’m writing and improving.

As always, I’m trying to improve my first draft and pacing. This year I’ve been reading up on the different story structures.  Below I’ve listed a few blogs I’ve found to be very helpful in this process as well as Podcasts I listen to regularly.


Roni Loren’s described her’s on twitter one day and summarized it here.
Jami Gold’s blog has some great information for all the pieces.


Writing Excuses”  – Great weekly podcast by Mary Robinette Kowel, Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler and Dan Wells

I Should Be Writing” (ISBW) by Mur Lafferty. Mur does a great job of encouraging all writers. She’s will be posting daily shows during Nanowrimo with tools, tips and trick to help you get through.

Good luck to all the nanowrimos this year!